Glenn Vermeersch, Bird-hides

10 July 2021

Whenever in Belgium, France or the Netherlands, here’s your supplier for great bird photography hides.

The hides are far from luxurious. They are all located in the bush at some distance from the civilized world. So there are no toilets, there is no electricity or wifi and parking is up to a mile from the hide, but the settings are really beautiful and therefore you’ll probably see a great variety in birds. Most often a hide is suitable for 2 and sometimes even 3 people. You’re photographing thru photographic glass, you see them but they don’t see you (Unless you’re wearing white clothes or shining a torch). So you have all the time in the world to aim and capture the birds and they sometimes come really close.

Glenn has about 10 bird-hides and they all have their own topic, you’ll find hides for forest birds, meadow birds, swamp & water birds, a hide for Kingfishers. and an Owl spot, you name he’s got it

Costs: on average € 70,00 per day It’s also possible to do several workshops, check it out here.
You definitely have to make reservations in advance.




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