Bird hide-out Alblasserwaard

10 July 2021

An easy to get and very nice bird photography hide. It is situated behind a company at the edge of an industrial area. Parking is only like 10 meters from the cabin. The owner clearly thought of the needs you as a photographer might have. You’ll find everything you need, electricity, coffee and thee but also a genuine toilet with a flush. And there’s heating when necessary. The seats are comfortable and they work with those fabric sleeves containing openings where you can put your lenses thru.

The capacity is 3 people but it was only me and a mate shooting this time, so therefore it was much more comfortable.  The bird variety was during our visit may be a bit thin but that’s always debatable. Most species were however average garden birds, with maybe an exception for 1 or 2 species like the Kingfisher and that is one bird that everybody loves, but still for € 75,00 a day definitely worth a visit, check it out here.




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