We probably all share the same passion, our love for Birds. If you would ask me, I'd say that I do not fit into any category in particular. Yes, I love birds and enjoy spending a day watching birds during a hike or from inside a bird hideout, but I also won't mind traveling a reasonable distance just to capture that rare bird, someone else spotted somewhere, but I just as much love it to simply fill up my bird feeders and lean back in a garden chair to watch all the action it attracts. For me however, photography is always the binding factor, I think in frames and pictures. Of course, it is fun to capture as many different birds as possible, but capturing a simple Wren or a Tit in a beautiful setting will make me just as happy. My name is Richard and I'm a happily married 60-year-old professional photographer living in Belgium but, I am from Dutch origin and although I have a preference for sports photography, I noticed that the older I get, the more I appreciate nature and the more I enjoy capturing it, especially all those beautiful and colorful birds.

Why this website?

The main reason why I created this website is to have a central spot to share and showcase my bird photos other than Social Media (They really mess up the quality of your pictures) but also to write down my experiences, opinions and adventures Hopefully you will leave me a comment or feedback every once in a while...so, I will learn from you and who knows, maybe I'm even able to surprise you as well with some tips and tricks.

Why, where and when did I start birding ?

I’m really a newbie when it comes to birds and knowledge on birds. A few years ago I appreciated nature like any other, especially birds and wildlife. But capturing nature, wildlife and birds always just used to be a topic on the side for me, as my true passion was to be found in Sports photography, cycling, motorsports and over the last 10 years, also a lot of figure skating. However, a few years back (January 2020 to be precise), I felt somewhat bored due to dark weather and the never ending Christmas holidays. That's when my wife suggested to go out and try to capture this rare bird, a "Dusky Thrush" from Siberia (Turdus Eunomus) A local birdwatcher spotted it in a nature reserve just around the corner and that made the local newspaper. As a sports photographer, I did own some serious lenses (at least I thought I did), so I made it my challenge to capture this bird. When I came to the location where the bird was spotted last… my jaw dropped and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Over, at least 75 photographers and birders, from all over Europe, came to photograph or spot this bird. 800mm lenses, 1200mm lenses equipment one can only dream of. Talking to these men and women, hearing why it was so special to find this particular bird here in Oud-Turnhout inbetween Antwerpen(B) and Eindhoven(NL) probably aroused my enthusiasm to follow their lead and after semi-successfully spotting and photographing this rare bird, I was sold to birdwatching and started learning more and more about birds. You know the saying, the more you know your subject the better your photographs will be. 
During Spring 2020 I started @Birds_in_Latin on Instagram to showcase my sightings and now, every single day I’m learning more about these lovely creatures. Now it’s my turn to share my enthusiasm with others and spread the love for birds. So, please check-in every now and then to see what’s new. See you soon again?

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