What is your favourite bird season?

29 June 2021

In the Netherlands and Belgium, we have 4 totally different seasons where the weather is always more or less what you could expect in a specific season. There’s cold and sometimes snow in Winter, a lot of rain during Fall, sun and warmth in Summer and modest weather in Spring.

Of course, I like Spring as much as the next man, everything blossoming, growing, birds chirping and finally (hopefully) some sun. In the first few weeks I can really enjoy it and every time I go outdoors to capture some birds I’m absorbing the sun and listen to all the birds up and about making nests, attracting mates and feeding the youngsters. But as of the second half of May and the beginning of June the feeling changes… I can still hear the birds but you hardly see them anymore.
Leaves are covering all the branches and the birds are looking for shelter in the full-grown bushes. How do you capture them? You sit and wait and hope every now and then one will come out of the dense bushes and trees. During the Summer it’s about the same and then comes, Autumn… We really have a rainy season so, although I still do…no fun at all to go out.

That’s why my favourite season is Winter. All the branches are bare and birds are easy to spot. Another advantage is the challenge birds have to get food, they’re half as shy as in Summer. So by just a little bit of feeding, you’ll be able to make great photo’s. I personally don’t mind the cold very much, you can dress for it unlike for the rain.

Of course, there’s one big disadvantage to this story, with the change of seasons… we also get a change of birds.
When Winter is slowly introducing itself, Summer birds leave for the warmer southern parts of Europe or even Africa… and back are all our Winter guests.
So, I prefer winter, but I’m outdoors throughout the whole year, whenever and as much as possible, how about you?
Love to hear your tips and tricks to get some good shots during late Spring and Summer. How do you get closer to your birds? Is it just all about patience? Let me know in the comments.