Mirror or Mirrorless?

27 June 2021

Like many, I read my news articles and stories on all the new gear that’s coming out. Since a few years, there’s been a lot of development on the mirrorless side. I would call it almost just as revolutionary as the switch from Analog to Digital.
What is your opinion on this matter? Did you already switch to mirrorless and are you happy with the switch? Did you stay loyal to your brand or did you, like many others, switch to another brand?

Really love to read your thoughts on this. While I’m writing this I already made up my mind and I’m just waiting for the Canon R3 to come on the market. The same goes for the long lenses, Canon finally presented the RF400/f2.8 and the RF600/f4.0. It’s going to be one of these 2 for sure. Inpatient as I am, I’ve really been considering for a while to take a D-tour and try Sony with their great stuff… now I’m happy I didn’t. The new Canon specs are very promising. The range in lenses is at the time very decent and unless you are specialized in photography that needs a special lens, there’s no reason not to switch.

My wife is shooting a few Canon R5’s now for a while and she is really ecstatic about these camera’s, so I feel like it’s unavoidable, one has to switch… also because there’s totally no development anymore on the mirror side.

It will take Canon another 3-6 months to present all the new stuff… so tell me why I shouldn’t buy it or switch to something else…. or keep my mirror equipment.