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8 August 2021

As you may have read earlier, I’m a newbie when it comes to bird knowledge. I started almost 2 years ago taking an interest in birds. At first, just a photography object but soon after that, I wanted to learn more about these little creatures. My age will probably make me forget bird facts I already learned just as easily as I absorb new knowledge. Still, in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. This leads to people already asking me all sorts of questions about birds. It makes me realize that I know already so much more than I did a few years ago, but also that there’s still way much more to learn.

Know your subject.

The other day a friend of mine, working @Colorwood, my supplier for photo gear, asked me a question. Whether birds were just an object or whether I’d also taken interest in the actual animals? This question was really one from a photographers perspective. Every photographer knows, more knowledge on the subject will create a greater chance to create better pictures. I guess he noticed my bird shots and was sort of searching for confirmation. I deduce from that question, that my photos are getting better. Obviously, because I learn about birds and their habits. The more I know about them the easier it is to find, lure or approach them. So, I want to learn in which direction they will go when flying off a branch. On what branch or location do they prefer to sit or rest. Where will they be season-wise? What do they eat? Are endangered, etc. etc. so many facts I would like to know. Up till now… together with some reference works and the Internet, I managed just fine. But yes, I’m really trying to absorb as much knowledge on the birds I photograph as possible. I appreciate birds in special and nature in general. Nevertheless, at first, I’m in it as a photographer and want to create better captures.

Of course, I will photograph a bird just to note that I shot that specific species. However more and more I will go out to photograph specific birds. Before I go I already looked up some facts about them and if I spot them I will observe them and learn more. Finally, I’ll try to capture them in their classic position and in their classic habitat, in which I succeed more and more. In this blog a few examples as I see such pictures. At this point, I’d like to move on and I’m already starting to think about lighting options, motion blur etc. In the next few years, I’d really like to focus on bird photography that surpasses the average photography. I’d like to create not just another bird pic but outstanding photo’s. I know, nothing wrong with setting some goals, but I do realize however I still have a long way to go.  

For now, I’m happy with all I already do know and the progress I have made so far. Leaves me to give you all the advice to study your photography object. Your photography will definitely improve.

What’s up next?

Next up is a short story on my latest catch, the Bearded Reedling… what incredibly beautiful birds are they.




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