Gear and more

29 November 2020

My all-time favourite brand is Canon, but it could just as easily have been any other brand for that matter because once you started collecting more and more gear of no matter what brand, you will automatically create a feeling of predilection and you sort of getting sucked into the brand community. Besides, if you’ll consider switching brands after some years of collecting… it is going to cost you a serious bundle.

None the less, there was a time that I picked Canon for a reason, after trying Practica(my first love in the ’70s), Minolta, Pentax and even a Nikon.
Like no other brand I find the skin tones that Canon Cameras produce match reality. No other brand was, at the time, able to match that perfection. Over the years I grew to be a huge fan of Canon. There’s however nothing wrong with my sense of reality, so I do realize that other brands make great stuff as well and in the end
, it’s always the photographer that makes the image, not the gear.

Love to learn and teach about gear, so your tips tricks and questions concerning gear are very welcome. Why for instance should I switch to Nikon, Sony, Fuji or another brand? Love to read your opinion.




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