11 July 2021

Do you know the abbreviation F.O.M.O.? It is short for Fear Of Missing Out and I really believe I suffer from it. Maybe you can relate to it when I say things like, I’m always packing too much gear for every trip, I never want to leave, once I’m in a good bird-hide or spot etc.

For instance: Whenever I’m packing for a day in a bird-hide out or nice bird spot I’m always going to regret it. You don’t always know what to expect at the place you’re going to, so my mind goes… What if the birds are all at a great distance? So I pack my 600mm with the 1.4 and a 2.0 converter. What if they come close by but also stay away in the distance? So I pack my 200-400mm with a built-in converter. What if they even come up to the hide itself? So I pack my 70-200 mm. I need at least 2 bodies to be able to switch rapidly. Could be beautiful scenery at the hide with beautiful flowers and bugs and stuff, yeah let’s pack the 100mm macro as well just in case, but do that with the 5D MkIV body that’s a better camera for it. Of course, you have to take your 24-70mm just to be sure. Should I take a tripod, monopod, beanbag and 1 or 2 Gimbalheads, let’s just bring ‘m all and of course don’t forget your binoculars and drinks and food for the whole day. But then… the second I lift it all out of the car and I have to walk for a mile or more… I really really regret my enthusiasm and FOMO. Yes, I could really do without the Macro, extra 5D body, tripod, monopod, beanbag and the food and drinks for a week. Wouldn’t it just be enough to focus on capturing some birds in front of the hide?

The same goes whenever I’m settled in one of those hides or nice bird spots… I just can’t leave anymore. Yeah…. but you started at 4 ó Clock this morning, aren’t you tired yet? Yes, I am, but what if this or that bird decides to show up, would be dumb to leave already… so I keep waiting and waiting fearing to miss that one bird that occasionally shows up at the hide or was reported at least once. A bit sad ain’t it?

What is your strategy? how do you pack for a day trip and is enough … enough?