Buteo Buteo – Buzzard

21 March 2021

If there is one bird of prey we’ve all seen and heard or at least know and heard of, its probably the Common Buzzard. A medium to large bird of prey that is familiar to most of us here in Europe but also uses most of the Palearctic for its breeding. Their plumage is highly variable in colours from very dark brown to very light with larger white parts and therefore it happens on a regular base that the common buzzard is mistaken for another bird, like for example the Honey Buzzard (Pernis Apivorus). That’s why the ‘Determination’ of birds, in general, is something that takes such a lot of training and experience. Like I said earlier, I’m a newbie and doing my very best to tell all birds apart, but I still find it a struggle and we’re not even talking of bird sounds… that’s even harder to differentiate, but I’m learning every day.

What I find remarkable is the fact that although this is a big, agile and fierce bird and you certainly don’t want to find yourself in an argument with one of them, they’re such opportunists or at the very least, very lazy. They will rather eat a sick or shot down pigeon or maybe a rabbit that was hit by a car a few days ago at the side of the road, than go out on a hunt for some fresh meat.
Why is it you think that such beautiful birds act like that? They are fast enough, fierce enough and big enough to catch anything they might like.




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